Wednesday, August 5, 2015

AWRE latest video promo

AWRE from Berry Forest Productions on Vimeo.

Recent collaboration with berry Forest Production. We got together on a weekend to film the process
of designing and printing a t-shirt. I did what I usually do and they filmed me.

Tolerance is a design that include symbols from different cultures/religions. the design is based off a photograph of taken at allen parkway off the tolerance statues designed by Jaume Plensa.  The statue Includes seven symbols of Tolerance which represent the seven continents of planet earth. Two of the concepts that inspired the artist was Houston's unity and diversity. “Despite all of the many differences that make us unique, such as religion or language, we are all trying to achieve similar things, such as love, health, prosperity, and the success of our children.” said Plensa. 

Awre can make a connection with the artist because awre is about accepting and understanding one another, creating visual impact that makes people question we perceive to be right because society makes us believe is right but might not be right. Keeping a positive and open mind.

Here is the final Product:
you can find this and other  designs on the web store.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

awre wool/flannel shirt

Check out the a new fun project I worked on a few weeks ago. 

awre wallets

check out the new wallets. will be posted on the online shop soon

awre pillows

Awre one of a kind new pillows, I recently collaborated with my girlfriend on this project. 
we picked up some fabric from a local arts and crafts store, some different color fabrics and
created a series of different one of a kind pillows. I utilized some of the designs I had 
and printed them on the fabric in a random manner, then my girlfriend helped me with the 
sewing and stuffing them.

these pillows are perfect for the everyday use.  

over all I'm pretty happy with the quality and the uniqueness of every single pillow, but because of the 
amount of work it took to create it will only be this limited run of 15 different pillows all with different
color fabric combinations. here are some photos of them.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Check out the latest designs. new styles and new color variations.
some of these designs are reprints from last year but with a new color variation. 
awre is currently working on a new series of art work and new designs to be printed
on new styles. check out the web store if interested on purchasing any of these graphic tees. We are also currently looking to expand and willing to work with stores. for any business inquiries please send us an email at

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

screen printed stickers

new awre stickers. screen printed stickers. these new stickers were printed by me, it's an interesting process which involves a lot of trial and error to get these right. 
with different color variations. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

houston be aware basic tee design

Houston Needs New Blood.
design meets city living in a simple but elaborated way. 2014 seems to be a pretty damn productive year,
with a new way of work and inspiration. here are two of the latest designs
Awre new Houston shirt - it's a simple design that illustrates a need for new designers in Houston. Awre is about making people aware about things that surround them and make people want to pursue what they want to do; either art, music, writing, or simply just having something going on for them. In that process i want people to put the name of the city up and represent where they're from. Put Houston up, one of the greatest cities in U.S.

design is printed on a Black/white 3/4 sleeve American Apparel shirt. pretty different style that gives the design a pretty unique look. light blue ink is pretty intense color which overpowers the white sleeves.

 The second design this month is the woodcut inspired design, it features Awre elephant logo.
the different imagery used to complete the design such as the eye and the stamp are a major part of the
design which was inspired by the woodcut look.
you can find these two different designs in three different styles Awre shop on etsy. Awre is a company that makes limited amounts of shirts, only about 10 per color or variation. use the best soft quality American Apparel shirts.